Anticoagulation Clinic

The anticoagulation clinic at GIM functions to assist our patients in achieving safe and effective anticoagulation for a variety of medical problems. Our dedicated staff seeks to offer education and direction for our patients using anticoagulants. Warfarin (Coumadin) is a life saving drug however requires careful attention to regular dosing, proper diet and care when used with other medication that may affect coagulation.

Major Points to remember:

  1. Your dose of Coumadin must reduce your blood's ability to clot to protect you from blood clots. A proper dose of medication produces the proper balance between clotting and bleeding risks. To achieve proper balance regular blood testing must be done with dosage adjustment of your medication accordingly.

  2. Taking other medications and supplements can significantly alter your clotting balance so it is important to notify us when starting or stopping medications.

  3. When surgery or other procedures that involving potential for bleeding are scheduled please contact us promptly so we might help reduce your risk of complications during this period.
Below are some external links to additional education. Our staff can provide you with written materials upon request.

Patient Self Testing

Clinical studies of patients taking Coumadin suggest that through scheduled home self monitoring, patients can increase their time spent within the prescribed therapeutic range, reducing the threat of adverse affects. We partner with Alere home monitoring and monitor your results with you. For more information on home monitoring please contact the Coumadin Office at 397-2738 option 5.

Please call us at (717) 397-2738 if you have a question about your dosage, changes in your condition, your diet or anything which could be related to the use of this medicine. For after hour emergencies call (717) 397-2738, leave a message with our answering service and a Provider will call you.

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